We recommend


The sites to know:

dadsaretheoriginalhipster.tumblr.com – The crude facts about your parents!

http://silodrome.com – Loads of sites got style. This one is tasteful!

www.motomucci.com – Get your daily inspiration!

www.smc-muenchen.de – The fastest club in the world!

www.wilderness-international.org – Get your wood!

http://joebarteam.ventsdouest.com – Le classique!

http://blacksail.pictures – Was?!? Die Lawinen im Bergdoktor sind gar nicht echt?

http://da-guru.de – Smack my picture!

http://www.andischweiger.com – Hmmmmmm!

http://fundriding.de – Help with fun!

http://olafprobst.net – One life, one work!