About us

Our Attitude

Open-mindedness – everybody’s welcome.
Rocker? City Slicker? Mod? IBA-Mitglied? Drop in, we’re looking forward to it. Nobody will be dispised for being nice, uncool or not tattooed. And we build a 125ccm moped with the same enthusiasm as a four-cylinder for your next club race.

Honesty – we tell you the truth.
We’ve experienced people who are ignorant – and rich – enough to spend 700 bucks for a chromed handle bar just because a freak behind the counter told that these are extraordinarily hip in Milwaukee… We know how it feels to make depths to get your dream bike. That’s why we won’t rip off anybody (even when he’s got 700 bucks for a handle bar in his pocket). Promised!

Joy – we build what you’re dreaming of.
We are happy to build what you can’t buy from the shelf: emotion by design. venturesome, weird or classic, always coherent. That’s why we need your input. Each bike is unique. Its design expresses what motorcycling means to you. Means your personal essence. So you will open your garage after years – and enjoy what you’ll see.

Attitude – we will build it only if we like it.
Your stile is wild and leads to a clash with classic conventions? Be our guest! We do not just restore, we are open for everything. However it must have style and we have to agree with it. Because a bike made by Moto Essence expresses not only the owner’s individual feeling for design and motorcycling. It is reference to our handy skills and creativity, too.